Planning. Testing. Analyzing. Reporting.

SureTec offers a superior solution by providing an advanced, yet easy-to-use application for test planning, analyzing and reporting.

Advanced Planning Tool Standardization

—  Point and click plan management
—  Clear test plan documentation
—  Assured component coverage

Advanced Leak Detection Efficiency

—  Low pressure leak detection
—  TCLD accuracy and efficiency
—  Objective analysis

Advanced Reporting Transparency and Clarity

—  Comprehensive, consistent and complete
—  Each test step clearly documented
—  Digitally secured and archived

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The SureTec solution offers modern test management and pressure analysis for performing state-of-the-art leak testing.  Users are intuitively guided through the testing process using test plans.  The simple and informative user-interface provides the following:

•  Test planning, ensuring absolute component coverage including detailed          test schematic diagrams
•  Test management and analysis showing testing status, component                  coverage and pressure/analysis details
•  Test reporting including test plans, detailed results, schematic diagrams of      each valve alignment, complete coverage documentation and all required        explanations of pressure activity

Planning -



Testing -



Analyzing -

SureTec’s digital resolution enables it to be effective in detecting leaks during Low Pressure (LP) tests.  Detecting LP leaks allows leaks to be corrected more efficiently and more safely.

SureTec’s effectiveness for High Pressure (HP) testing is based on a comparative algorithm known as Thermally Compensated Leak Detection (TCLD), a method that compares pressure characteristics of an established passing test (a benchmark) to all subsequent, similar tests.  TCLD objectively detects leaks in a short amount of time, as compared to a typical chart recorder-based interpretation, and efficiently validates leak-free tests.



Reporting -



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