Schematic building and planning tool

SurePlan is a tool that takes standardization, consistency and clarity to a new level and has proven to be a great benefit to the industry. This application eliminates the time consuming, traditional methods often taken to create pressure test drawing and plans.


SurePlan offers an efficient and accurate means of:

• Drag-and-dropping to build schematics and test plans
• Producing documentation that supports required submission documents
• Exporting an easy-to-deliver schematic and test plan (that automatically           imports into SureTec)

SurePlan enables you to:

•  Create schematics and test plans for specific wells
•  Produce standard test plan reports
•  Generate APD-acceptable test plan reports
•  Construct a bundle (schematic and test plan) that can be imported and            used within SureTec



Smart Schematics

SureTec is designed to provide a graphical representation of BOP and manifold components (Figure 1) and Wellbore (Figure 2) with an interactive valve schematic that identifies required component coverage, including valve sides and ram/annular pipe sizes.

Figure 1: BOP schematic


Wellbore schematic

Figure 2: Wellbore schematic


The pressurization test path is automatically highlighted and components covered by this path are highlighted and recorded for each test step. As tests are executed, SureTec analyzes pressure data (in real-time) and the component coverage is tracked both graphically and in tabular views. Test plans with schematic representation and a valve alignment checklist for each test step may be printed as a reference for those tasked with proper valve alignment. As tests are finalized, a comprehensive report is generated that includes an analysis of each test step and a schematic diagram illustrating valve alignment, pressure path and tested components.

Note: Multiple test plans, each with different schematics, are supported.

Component Planning and Testing Assurance with SureTec

SureTec provides automatic assurance of component coverage through a simple methodology:

1.  Identify all components required to test
2.  Plan test steps until all required components are included or covered in         the plan
3.  Conduct tests to verify all required components are tested

Base Schematic Diagrams

The first step in using schematics is selecting the appropriate Base Schematic Diagram (BSD) for a specific test plan.  BSDs are installed by IPT Global technicians and configured to match a rig’s manifold, BOP and other equipment. SureTec can manage multiple test plans which utilize the specific BSD that is appropriate for the test being conducted.

Schematic Coverage and Real-time Interaction

Within a test plan, a BSD is selected and used to identify the requirements for coverage and valve alignments for the series of tests. This progression of planning test steps is assisted through visual interaction with the schematic where component coverage is tracked and identified as the plan progresses. This interaction carries through to actual testing, as the diagrams are updated in real-time to indicate valve coverage as tests pass.

The following legend presents a comprehensive listing of the components of a schematic.  The legend is included at the end of every test report.




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