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We are dedicated to providing comprehensive and state-of-the-art pressure analysis and leak detection solutions

What We Do

Advanced test planning and leak detection is our focus. Our software solutions establish a new level of accuracy, assurance, efficiency and digital archiving for pressure testing and pressure analysis by offering:

  • Point-and-click interface for establishing test requirements and building test plans
  • Graphical representation of BOP and manifold components
  • Automatic calculation of test path and covered components
  • Removal of subjective test evaluation and interpretation
  • Organized and automated test execution
  • Clear documentation of all activities and results

Operators and contractors worldwide not only benefit from our technology, but also from our continuous product improvement and development and first-class customer service and training.

Code of Conduct

The Guiding Principles of IPT Global

IPT Global believes in and operates within the simple values of honesty and integrity, listening intently to our customers, always doing the right thing and keeping it simple.

We believe in maintaining a laser focus on areas where we excel and are a benefit to the industry.  We provide industries with state-of-the-art pressure analysis technology focused on safety, accuracy, assurance and quality. We are committed to continuous research and innovation.  We believe our first responsibility is to the people who use our products and services. We constantly strive to deliver on all commitments with an eye towards continual improvement. We believe customer requests must be serviced respectfully, promptly and accurately the first time.

We are responsible to our employees. We respect their dignity and recognize their merit as individuals and as a team. We strive to provide compensation that is fair and working conditions that are clean, safe, and orderly. We encourage employee health and wellness. We stay mindful of ways to help our employees fulfill their family responsibilities and reinforce our belief that family comes first. Employees must feel free to make suggestions and complaints. There will be equal opportunity for employment, development and advancement for those qualified. We intend to provide competent management and employees whose actions are just and ethical.

We are responsible to our communities in which we live and work, both domestic and international, and believe in making a positive difference. We are committed to social responsibility, conserving our natural resources, and protecting our environment.

We will operate within applicable laws and governing body regulations. Where possible, we will exceed industry practices and laws to go beyond compliance. We will actively investigate any alleged violations.

By fostering these core values in this Code of Conduct, we believe we will be successful as a Company and as a steward of good business practices. These beliefs and values set the foundation for who we are at IPT Global.

IPT Culture Presentation

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide comprehensive assurance solutions and services for all aspects of pressure analysis and leak detection within the oil and gas industry.


Integrity, Performance, Teamwork (IPT)


…is the cornerstone of our company

  • Honest, trustworthy, respectful and ethical in our actions
  • Solid commitment to the health and safety of people, protection of the environment, and compliance with laws, regulations, and company policies
  • Accountable for our actions, successes and failures, and honor our commitments
  • Focus on making a difference in all that we do


…is set at a high standard of excellence

  • Center efforts toward customers, their needs and exceeding expectations
  • Aim to continually improve our solutions, services and processes
  • Learn from sharing past decisions and actions, both good and bad
  • Focus on continuous learning and development so that the full potential of each individual and the company is achieved


…is a centerpiece of our culture

  • Commitment to our mission, leveraging individuals strengths/goals and working together to accomplish common goals
  • Open communication up, down and within the company
  • Focus on building relationships both inside and outside of the company (employees and customers) with a willingness to share resource, best practices and lessons learned so that everyone is successful
  • Contribute actively as a part of the IPT Global team

Environmental and Social Responsibility

The corporate philosophy of IPT Global, LLC is founded upon the belief that we safely develop and apply science and technology to meet our customer’s needs. Our commitment to sound environmental management and social responsibility is an essential element of this philosophy and an expression of our concern for our employees and neighbors and for the well-being of our community and the environment. We believe our social responsibility and environmental goals must be consistent with economic health. It is, therefore, our policy to practice responsible environmental management and social responsibility through our commitment to the following:

  • Reduce, minimize, or eliminate the generation of waste or the release of potentially hazardous materials to the environment
  • Prevent adverse impacts of our operations on the environment and on the health and safety of the communities of which we live and work
  • Make environmental concerns a part of our decision-making process
  • Comply with environmental laws and regulations and applicable industry standards
  • Operate all facilities in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner
  • Train employees to perform their duties in a manner that protects the environment
  • Review customer needs and work to reduce adverse environmental impact
  • Engage the communities in which we work and live and be a good corporate neighbor
  • Actively respond to community concerns about our operations
  • Cooperate with government agencies in developing effective environmental regulation
  • Pursue opportunities to make recycling and re-purposing economically feasible

HSSE Mission Statement

IPT Global’s core values include safety, integrity, quality, productivity and innovation. We make our decisions and perform our work based on these values. Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) considerations are a part of each decision we make and action we take. We believe meeting the goal of zero harm to people, the environment and property takes the active participation of every employee. By meeting or exceeding relevant International, Federal, State, Local, Client and IPT requirements and industry standards, we will maintain a work environment that helps ensure our goal.

Safety is the responsibility of every employee at IPT Global and it starts with executive leadership.  We demonstrate our commitment to HSSE through active engagement at all levels of the organization from the President to the newest employee. Every employee has the right, responsibility and accountability to stop any job they deem poses an immediate risk to people or property in the workplace. IPT’s corporate culture includes every employee’s right to return to their loved ones in the same condition they reported to work.

Open communication at all levels of the organization is encouraged and expected. We nurture an environment where any employee may raise a concern at any time without reprisal. Personnel are to communicate peer-to-peer concerns and to elevate those concerns to Executive Leadership as necessary. The IPT Global HSSE Manual serves as a tool for communicating HSSE standards. Our HSSE Management System provides for meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements, and helps us identify, assess and mitigate risks.

As a company with a vision of being the best in the industry by constantly improving our products and services, we establish objectives to continuously improve the quality of our HSSE systems and processes.  We will conduct internal and external inspections and audits of our programs and processes to ensure they are functioning as intended. Executive leadership will review HSSE performance annually. Metrics for each employee’s participation and commitment to HSSE will be included in their annual evaluation of personal performance.

Ten Guiding Principles of HSSE

IPT Global, LLC shall protect the health, safety and security of all persons affected by its business activities and the environment in all of its operations.  HSSE excellence is the primary management objective and the responsibility of every employee. IPT is committed, globally, to achieving HSSE excellence in all of our business practices and operations as specified in the Commitment to HSSE & Social Responsibility (SR) Excellence statement.  IPT’s policies are implemented through the following ten guiding principles, with the oversight of Senior Management and in conjunction with IPT’s Code of Conduct.

1.       Commitment

Management, at all levels, is actively committed to achieving HSSE excellence in the conduct of our business. Every manager shall demonstrate a commitment to this goal and strive to provide adequate resources to achieve this goal and follow these principles. Through communication with our employees, it is our goal to ensure that IPT’s commitment to HSSE & SR excellence is reflected in day-to-day operations

2.       Organization

We will maintain and enhance a company-wide organizational structure and culture that recognizes and encourages the full and active participation of all employees in the systematic management of HSSE issues. We will foster a culture that allows for the transfer of information and best practices across all levels of the company.

3.       Accountability

Achieving HSSE excellence depends heavily on the continuing participation and accountability of Management. Responsibility for health, safety, security, social responsibility and the protection of the environment is both a matter of IPT policy and a matter of law—with potentially severe consequences for failure to comply.  All levels of Management is responsible for ensuring IPT’s compliance to this policy, and for the development and implementation of the appropriate HSSE programs, procedures and systems of work for each facility and operation under its supervision.

4.       Management Systems and Standards

IPT will develop, implement and continuously improve effective HSSE management systems and develop standards that reflect industry best practices. We will extend our knowledge by conducting or supporting research, where practical, on the HSSE effects of our products, work practices, processes, services and waste materials.

5.       Risk Management

IPT will ensure that potential HSSE risks associated with all our activities are assessed as early as possible to minimize and manage adverse effects and to identify opportunities for improvement. IPT Global shall strive to eliminate or manage any foreseeable hazards that may endanger health, safety, security or the environment by utilizing industry-recognized hazard identification and risk assessment techniques.

6.       Legislative Compliance

We will operate at standards that comply with the requirements of appropriate national and international legislation and codes of practice. We will strive to go beyond compliance and recognize these principles as a valued way of life. We will participate with governments and others in creating responsible laws, regulations and standards to help safeguard the workplace, community and environment. Where no regulatory controls exist, we shall adopt and impose our own HSSE standards in accordance with relevant industry standards of practice.

7.       Training

Training is an essential element of HSSE excellence. HSSE directors, managers and staff will be qualified by their education or experience to perform their responsibilities and participate in a program of continuing professional development. In addition, IPT Global is committed to provide training and development on HSSE matters appropriate to each employee’s job duties and responsibilities. The management of each of the operating groups will ensure that appropriate training is conducted and completed on a regular and timely basis.

8.       Environmental Aspects

IPT will continuously evaluate the environmental aspects of our products and services. The goal is to develop and provide products and services that have no undue environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources and can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely, if applicable.

9.       Continuous Improvement

We believe that effective HSSE management is good business. As in other areas of our business, we are committed to continuously improving HSSE management practices.  IPT believes that adherence to these ten principles will assist us in achieving our objectives of HSSE excellence.  Each year we will identify specific goals against which we will measure our progress toward HSSE excellence.

10.    Monitor, Audit and Review

Effective management requires on-going assessment and review to determine whether the HSSE culture is being appropriately implemented.  Accordingly, an on-going assessment, self-evaluation and audit program shall be implemented and maintained for operations throughout the company.  The objective of this program is to provide Management with verification that operations are in compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and standards, and to facilitate the spread of best practices throughout IPT.




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